Energy Management

Your building's technical installations are vital. We can assist you in dealing with the increasing demands to be energy efficient.


As you make adjustments to your energy consumption, Freeman Electrical Ltd will support you through inspecting and monitoring  your sources of energy for peace of mind and productivity.


Preventive maintenance is also essential to be efficient. We use thermography to detect any problem hot spots within electrical systems.

Thermal Imaging

When there is resistance to the current in an electrical connection, the temperature increases. This can lead to the system failing and low efficiency in the electrical grid prior to failing as energy is being used to create heat.


Heat pictures produced by the Freeman Electrical Ltd Thermographer highlight hot spots inside an electrical system. This identifies any immediate issues and predicts when wires will need to be replaced to keep you running, efficiently.

Data Logging

Understanding your power consumption is crucial to productive energy management.

Data logging can be used to assess the amount of power you’re using before adding new installations or as an initial step in becoming energy efficient. 



Freeman Electrical Ltd use data loggers which can be left to monitor your power consumption for a week or longer to give a holistic view of your power consumption.

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